Big Alcohol knows the writing is on the wall. 

Cannabis consumption is growing, and Alcohol is shrinking. 

“We believe that over the next 5 years, the cannabis category will add 18 million past-month consumers, while alcohol will lose 2 million past-month consumers, as consumers increasingly embrace cannabis and temper their alcohol consumption” – TD Cowen.

This week, we sit down with Paul Weaver, Head of Cannabis at The Boston Beer Company, to discuss the following:

  • Big Alcohol’s take on cannabis.
  • Who is the Cannabis Beverage Consumer?
  • Hemp Derived Beverages.
  • and so much more

About Boston Beer Company

We are The Boston Beer Company and together we are heavy. From the very beginning, Jim Koch wanted to create a company that he would want to work for, creating a culture that celebrated beer with a passion and depth of knowledge that can’t help but be contagious to others. Nearly 40 years of brewing beer and cultivating talent later, we continue to be a passionate group of individuals who focus on raising the bar in everything that we do. We are always looking for hardworking, motivated and competitive people who strive to push the boundaries and never settle. Not to be lost in the shuffle is the ability to have fun – after all, we are a beer company, and if you can’t have fun in this business, there’s something wrong! Boston Beer is the maker of Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, Truly, Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard.

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