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173: Peter Barsoom: How 1906’s has crafted Microdosing Cannabinoids with Targeted Effects

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The past half-century: Pharmacological interventions have often fallen short.

The potential solution: Microdosing cannabinoids.

Imagine a world where you don’t reach for a pill bottle.

Instead, you opt for:

  1. ‘Go’ for energy.
  2. ‘Bliss’ for happiness
  3. ‘Chill’ for relaxation.

The cannabis industry is evolving. Tailored formulations might just be our future, offering specific, targeted effects and reducing reliance on traditional pharmaceuticals.

This week, we hosted Peter Barsoom, CEO, and Co-Founder of 1906, to delve into:

  • Why Microdosing Cannabinoids?
  • The intricate science behind creating specific effects formulations.
  • Strain selection to targeted edibles the industry’s future.

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