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166: Pairing Convenience & Cannabis Flower: Why Pre-Rolls is here to stay ft. Harrison Bard

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Cannabis Flower is the category leader, but there is one variable that is universal across buyer demographics.


Whether it’s grabbing a coffee on the go or delivery of every possible item, people are drawn to items that are easy, frictionless, and provide incredible convenience.

Cannabis Pre-rolls are the beautiful evolution of leftover trim & shake to a desired full flower exploding category predicated on merging two key items, flower & convenience.

We sat down with Harrison Bard, Co-Founder of Custom Cones USA, to discuss the following:

  • Why have pre-rolls exploded
  • Filters, Differences in papers
  • Multipacks
  • Myths and Misconceptions

About Custom Cones USA

At Custom Cones USA, we have a wealth of knowledge about all things pre-roll. From custom branded pre-rolled cones and wholesale bulk cones, to completely customized packaging projects and pre-roll machines, we offer expertise in all sectors of the pre-roll industry.

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