In every other industry, there is a balance between the regulator and the regulated. This doesn’t exist In this controlled substance space. I think the cannabis movement is a failure… the whole cannabis movement is fractured — businesses are one page, criminal justice [reformers] on another page.” Matt Zorn

This week we sit down with Matt Zorn to discuss the following:

  • How to Fix the Cannabis Industry, 280E
  • Rescheduling of Controlled Substances
  • How he’s pushing back on Government Red tape.
  • Aligning State and Federal Reform

About Matt Zorn:

He has significant expertise in federal jurisdiction and procedure. Matt is at home digging out case-changing evidence, crafting legal strategies under arcane statutes and procedures, eliciting critical deposition or trial testimony, and arguing on his feet to trial courts, appellate courts, and arbitrators.

Matt is also recognized as an authority on issues relating to the federal Controlled Substance Act and relating to cannabis regulation, even being named to the Law360 2020 Cannabis Editorial Advisory Board. Matt routinely speaks and publishes on issues relating to legal issues relating to controlled substances.

Matt has received national recognition for his work in IP and controlled substances litigation. The American Lawyer recently named Matt a finalist for Young Lawyer of the Year (Litigation), and the American Inns of Court named him a 2020 Pegasus Scholar. Best Lawyers in America named Matt “One to Watch,” and Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers recognized him as a “Texas Rising Star” in IP Litigation, Cannabis Law, and Administrative Law.

Before joining the firm, Matt was a judicial clerk to the Hon. Rodney Gilstrap, U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas, spending hundreds of hours in court helping manage one of the busiest trial dockets in the country. Before then he was a litigator with Paul, Weiss in New York City.

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