Research continues to show alcohol is harmful. If only a substitute social tonic could provide that happy feeling without the hangovers.

This week on The Dime, we host Luke Anderson, Co-Founder at Cann, to discuss:  

  • Crossfading: Mixing of Alcohol & Cannabis.
  • Why Altering Framework Unlocks Beverage Category
  • Misconceptions on Beverage Market Size

About Cann:

Cann is a sessionable drink, meaning you can control and build your buzz because it’s microdosed with just the right amount of THC. With a typical onset of just 10-15 minutes, start with one and go from there. For those new(ish) to cannabis, we typically recommended 1-2 Canns.

About Luke Anderson:

Luke Anderson is the co-founder of Cann, the world’s first micro-dose THC beverage. With his colleague Jake Bullock, Anderson launched Cann in 2019, disrupting the industry with a sessionable cannabis-infused beverage line.

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