The Point-of-sale system is at the center of the value chain. Treez offers a unique and intuitive way to personalize the retail experience with a heavy focus on leveraging data for actionable insights specific to the need of the team. Data is valuable when it is clean, accurate, and provides actionable insights that are easy to understand and beneficial.

Understanding best practices, ideal inventory levels, SKU counts, and tracking basket size can be the difference between being in the black or in the red.

This week on The Dime, we host John Yang, CEO of Treez, to discuss

  • Leveraging Data-Based Insights for Action
  • Challenges of scaling with partners as the industry scales
  • Focusing on metrics that matter

About Treez

Dedicated to growing the cannabis industry At Treez, we’re united by our passion for building amazing tech and services for cannabis businesses everywhere, at every stage of growth.Cannabis retailers grow on Treez.Get the technology, insights and support you need to streamline operations, increase revenue, and drive profitability in an ever-changing industry.

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