This week we are joined by Adam Terry, Co-Founder of Cantrip, to discuss:

  • How the Minnesota law is changing the beverage market
  • The Future of Cannabis Distribution
  • How to unlock the Cannabis Beverage Category

About Cantrip

Cantrip is, at its core, a fun way to consume and experience cannabis.

We’re a sessionable, social beverage that is made for everybody looking for a way to hangout without the hangover.

About Adam Terry:

Adam is the CEO and co-founder of Cantrip. He’s a chemist that has spent over a decade working in extractions, coffee, cocktails, and developing cannabis products. Adam set out to create a new product with one goal in mind – to bring to market a cannabis product that was all about fun with friends.

Cantrip was designed at the nexus of Adam’s interests in interesting beverages, the joy of cannabis, and connecting people through shared experience. As a person who does not connect with the binary gender system, Adam has made it his mission that Cantrip be a product truly created for all to enjoy.

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