This week we are joined by Daniel Muller, Founder & CEO of AeroPay to discuss:

  • Payment Processing in Cannabis
  • Safe Banking
  • Disrupting Visa, Mastercard & Amex

About Dan Muller

As CEO, Daniel Muller founded Aeropay in 2017 to create a better, faster and more affordable way to help people move money. Formerly Head of Product and Software Engineering at GPShopper and an Investor with New Colossus Ventures, Dan now leads one of the most advanced payment platforms in FinTech.

Prior to founding Aeropay, Dan acquired over a decade of digital retail, eCommerce, and product experience at Fortune 500 companies. His past clients include Best Buy, Foot Locker, Adidas, Express, Alliance Data and Synchrony. Dan’s expertise has been integral to building Aeropay’s open architecture solutions and offering consumers best-in-class functionality in each layer of the tech stack, including integrated e-commerce, POS, and digital payments solutions.

A Native New Yorker and First Generation Latin American of Uruguayan and Argentine descent, Dan is a member of the Latinx Incubator Program and has been named a Rising Star in Chicago Tech by Crains and to MJ Venture’s 40 Under 40 List. He studied Political Science and Economics at Franklin & Marshall College and is an avid chess player.

Learn more about Dan and Aeropay at

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