By 2025,
global hemp industry

is expected to grow to
$26.6 BILLION.


HEMP & CANNABIS industry is changing.


As an intelligence informational service provider, we pride ourselves on

guiding our partners on where the puck is headed rather than where it currently is.

Currently, we’re contracted all over the supply chain, ranging from startup capital to

genetic acquisition to facility build out to process optimization & distribution

and our dynamic and flexible nature allows us to provide a combination of

services and connections.



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I had the pleasure of working for Kellan Finney during my tenure as a Laboratory Manager at Simple Solutions, and his knowledge regarding CO₂ extraction is second to none. After my tenure at Simple Solutions, I started my own CO₂ extraction laboratory in Colorado and Kellan was the first person I called to consult on the project. He is an industry leading expert on all cannabinoid related extraction and post processing procedures.


Who We Are

Eighth Revolution is a private intelligence & service

agency in the hemp space.

Our approach is rooted in both business and science; we specialize in capital acquisition, facility buildouts, GMP compliance, and process optimization as well as strategic planning & brand positioning and partnership introductions. By keeping up to date with all of the latest information and technical processes, Eighth is dedicated to helping their partners flourish in an ever-changing industry.

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