WHOLESALE HEMP GENETICS PRICING – MAY 2022 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook


Good news for genetics vendors- the average price per seed and clone increased again from last month. CBD clones increased 4% to $3.02 / clone and feminized CBD seeds increased 6% to $0.88 / seed. The price increase is consistent with seasonal demand increase, as farmers look to plant their crops going into the summer growing season. One other factor influencing price increase could be the limited supply since data shows there are fewer total acres being planted than in previous years.

The CBG clone market also experienced growth from last month with prices increasing by 4%. As noted by Hemp Benchmarks, when March 2022 genetics prices are compared to March 2021, CBD clone prices are up 70%, feminized CBD seed prices are up 29%, CBG seed prices are up 8%, and CBG clones’ prices are up 25%. The price increase across the board could be a sign of inflation paired with decreased supply after several challenging years for businesses.


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