WHOLESALE HEMP BIOMASS PRICING – MAY 2022 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook


Prices for CBD biomass dropped across the board, with prices for orders between 100K – 1M pounds dropping 14% from last month. The aggregate price of CBD biomass was $0.34 / % CBD / pound, which is $0.13 lower than the previous year’s price representing a 27% price drop. This should be good news to larger operators as the price savings can be passed along to the consumer, hopefully increasing consumer demand for CBD products.

One of the biggest drivers of biomass demand will be consumer demand for CBD infused products. Once these products become affordable to the everyday consumer, the total addressable market will increase exponentially.

CBG biomass has shown a different trend than CBD biomass as its aggregate price increased 13% to $0.43 / % CBG / pound. The value manufacturers can get from CBG biomass significantly outweighs the value from CBD, but that is only on paper. The truth is that sales volume and velocity for CBG products remain significantly lower than for CBD products.


The war in Ukraine will affect the cannabis and hemp industry two-fold. First, the total hemp acres planted has decreased as farmers look to grow more commodity staples such as wheat and corn. Second, fertilizer prices are skyrocketing and some vendors are struggling to obtain nutrients for key clients. This is evident with Potassium Chloride (Muriate of Potash) spot price at 562.50 USD/mt, up over 177.8% from one year ago at the time of writing. Additionally, Russia and Ukraine accounted for ~10% of the total nitrogen fertilizer worldwide according to Statista.

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