WHOLESALE FLOWER PRICING – MAY 2022 Cannabinoid Monthly Playbook

CBD vs THC Flower

Smokable CBD flower prices have decreased 25% since January of this year, with the average price now hovering at $210 / pound. The category is more complex as it encompasses indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor CBD flower, all of which have different market values. Indoor CBD flower tends to average around $450 / pound whereas outdoor average around $142 / pound.

Neither of these prices compares to the value the same growing conditions provide if the crop was Cannabis THC flower, which averaged $1,269 / pound in May. Wholesale cannabis has recovered from its low in March of $1,216 / pound, up 4%. Historically speaking the price of cannabis is down 18% year over year, with one pound of cannabis valued at $1,554 last year at this time. Since cultivators in both industries are dealing with lower returns on their crop along with increased outputs from inflation, the next 18 months will require strategic decision-making to grow market share.

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