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Wholesale Hemp Genetics Pricing

Wholesale Data

Last month was a positive month for companies selling genetics in the hemp industry which saw increases across the board. Notably, industrial seeds have continuously seen monthly increases throughout the year. With planting seasons starting up, farmers who decided to plant again this year are proceeding with caution. The price of non-feminized seeds are continuing to rise, recently reaching the $290/lbs threshold. While waiting on the FDA’s ruling on the safety of CBD as a food additive, farmers may purchase non-feminized seeds to decrease the capital needed.

Wholesale Hemp Biomass Pricing

CBG Biomass
     (A GG RE G ATE)
     (25K – 100K LBS.)
CBD Biomass
     (0 – 25K    LBS.)
$0.53 $0.42
     (100K – 1M LBS.)
     (1M+ LBS.)
$0.77 $0.31 $0.19

The color represents the percent drop in price from the previous month. The dollar amount refers to the
price of product in $ / % CBD or CBG / lbs.

The CBD biomass market continues to stabilize with price increases for every category, except for orders over 1 million lbs. This category saw a $0.01 or 5% drop. CBG biomass decreased $0.05/% CBG/lbs. over the course of this month, making CBG derivative products difficult to move. We speculate that farmers are finally starting to sell their 2020 crop, an overall higher-quality product compared to what is currently on the market. Due to the increased quality, we’re seeing increased price points. More good news; the biomass market is stabilizing with price fluctuations remaining within 10% over the last few months.

Wholesale Hemp Derivative Pricing

     (THC    FREE)
$1,146 $855 $714
$1,146 $855 $714
$1,262 $551 $497 $224

The color represents the percent drop in price from the previous month.
The dollar amount refers to the price of the product in $ / unit.

Vio Coop, a large-scale crude oil provider for the Colorado CBD manufacturing sector, has recently closed, according to Hemp Benchmarks. This should result in significant ripple effects on all downstream CBD products, such as distillate and isolate, in the coming months. For the time being, the derivative market will experience volatility across the board with most categories observing price decreases. CBD crude, refined, and broad-spectrum distillate oils were down 14% since last month. CBD isolate and CBG isolate were up 1% since last month. Due to the lack of FDA regulations, brands continue to tread cautiously by holding limited inventory and maintaining a lean business model.

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