Our Retainer Package

 You’re the car, and we’re the road. You have what it takes, but in order to get somewhere good, the groundwork needs to be laid out.


That’s where we come in.

We go together like a car and the road.

What It Is

With our retainer package, you’ll never have to worry about the road in front of you ever again. When an issue arises and you need answers, immediately and affordably, we’re here. Whether it’s questions about equipment, extraction, cGMP or QA/QC, or even other people in the industry, we’ll provide you with actionable solutions to any and every problem no matter the timezone.

When these issues have been successfully handled, Eighth Revolution will dedicate their time and resources to paving the way for a smoother, easier ride for your company, one that works to anticipate future needs before they become an issue.

To learn more about our retainer package, let us know a bit more about you and your company and we’d be happy to jump on a call.

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What It Includes...

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