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The New Normal: Tips and Tricks

"Pre-COVID business had roles based in physical locations pertaining to specific, old-school responsibilities. Current-world organizational approaches should hinge upon dynamic flexibility, providing all involved parties with the autonomy to automate wherever possible. More importantly, focus on creating a results-driven vs timebased environment. Recognize that...

Words to Live by for Continuous Improvement in the Cannabis Extraction Industry

"Kellan Finney of Eighth Revolution, a private intelligence agency serving the international cannabis and hemp industries, is a major proponent of robust in-house analytics. “At the end of the day, I can write an equation down and say ‘this is the solubility, here's the density of the CO2, and this is what we're going to go after,’” says Finney, “but if we don’t know the..."

Manufacturing, Cannabinoids and Analogs, Oh My!

"While the process of extraction is nearly identical between the two spaces, the hemp industry operates on a true industrial scale while the cannabis industry is still stuck somewhere between lab scale and pilot scale. Each state’s individual market size, and inability to export outside the state of manufacturing, limits the cannabis industry’s reach..."

Why Marijuana Should

(And Shouldn’t) Be Legal

"This is a compilation of answers to the question of whether marijuana should be legalized in all states. Recent polls (as of November 2019) by Pew Research show that two-thirds of Americans support marijuana legalization, and there’s been a major trend of more Americans supporting the legalization of marijuana..."

What to Avoid When Setting up a Cannabis Processing Facility

"Setting up a new cannabis processing facility from scratch can be a daunting task.“There's a myriad of ways that people can go wrong setting up these facilities, from selecting the wrong equipment to selecting the wrong building,” explains Kellan Finney, the co-founder and chief scientific officer of Eighth Revolution, a private intelligence agency serving the...

Minor cannabinoids may be

‘the next big thing’ in cannabis

"There's not enough clinical or scientific evidence to support the actual usefulness of these minor cannabinoids,” said Kellan Finney, chief science officer of Eighth Revolution. Finney pointed to the CBD market as an example of potential bad news for minor cannabinoids. The price of CBD isolate has fallen from about $30,000 a kilogram two years ago to about $2,400 per kilogram today. The pattern seems to be repeating itself with CBG, but..."

Corona & the Cannabis Industry

Some retailers are comparing the increase in sales volume due to consumers stocking up for social distancing to the sales volumes seen during 4/20 and Black Friday. Caliva CEO reports seeing less foot traffic, but a 70% increase in web traffic, a 109% increase in delivery, and a 600% increase in new customers....

Quarantine Marketing

As people struggle to cope with the shift from physical to virtual, companies are trying their best to maintain their customer base and continue to take part in engaging dialogue. Find out the three ways we've been seeing companies take action. 

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