Eighth Revolution is building the next generation extraction facilities through its cannabinoid consulting services. We take sustainability, long-term operational cost and growth opportunities into key considerations. With a focus on product quality and a drive towards efficiency and sustainability. Our main goal is to simplify the transition from construction to cannabinoid extraction ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.



Our service packages include:  

  • Facility design

  • Project management

  • Operations deployment

  • Facility staffing

  • Standard operations procedures

    • Extraction

    • Post Processing SOPs

  • Extraction equipment sourcing

  • Establishing facility workflow and process design

  • Dosage and serving size competitive analysis

  • Compliance training and cGMP manufacturing

  • Setting up and optimizing facility equipment

  • Scoping consultation on necessary hardware to achieve your desired goal or product

  • Onsite instrument training

  • Current product and market landscape analysis

  • Data management

  • Cost of goods workshop and whiteboard session

  • Calculating anticipated yields and throughput


Our cannabis cultivation designs are laid out with optimal process-based workflow, state of the art security, bio-security, and efficiency in mind. We guarantee maximum efficiency in designing layouts that convert all usable space into revenue producing machines.

American Cannabis Company, Inc. designs cannabis cultivation facilities with a strong focus on product quality and sustainability. In return, your cannabis company will be able to thrive both now and in the future.

There is no need to outsource your dispensary construction or equipment to grow room contractors. Continue to utilize our team to carefully execute your design and successfully bring it to life.

We use our extensive experience in the industry to manage and oversee all of your construction needs. From construction materials to facility equipment, we help you find and harness all of the best possible resources to build a long lasting, well-equipped site.



Your business is only as good as your product. We develop cultivation operations and procedures to ensure your grow operation consistently produces a high-quality product. If you plan to sell infused products, we also have experience with deploying manufacturing processes for these unique offerings.

Along with helping your business create superior products that your customers will love, we can continuously manage your cultivation operations to make sure they are running efficiently.

Once your facilities are established, you will need to develop sound workflows and hire staff members to perform essential job duties. If you cannot complete these tasks yourself, or if you’d rather hire a professional, we can strategically manage these dispensary operations for you.

Because we are well established in the industry and have a large network, we can help you find and hire the right employees for your business. We can also provide your staff with ongoing training and make sure that all of your company policies adhere to regulatory compliance.


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