Business Intelligence

Eighth Revolution specializes in bringing industry expertise to your business, allowing your company to rise to the forefront of cutting edge practices. We'll help you build the tools and infrastructure you to grow your brand and increase revenue.  

We offer:

  • Workshop and whiteboard sessions

  • Anticipated yields and throughput

  • Income statement analysis with
    dashboard reporting

  • Operational and capital expenses

  • Logistics and operational analysis

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Package

The analysis will incorporate key milestones and metrics to help identify pain points and provide a breakeven analysis, an ROI breakdown, and an understanding of cumulative returns.

What Our Package Includes:

Industry Analysis

Find out how the industry is operating: we offer a comprehensive look at all aspects of the industry, from long-term trends to competitor presence to understanding what forces are likely to shift the overall performance of the industry.

Projected Income
Statement Analysis

Our goal is to help you understand the cost of extracting cannabinoids in order for you to succeed in a competitive market place.


Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy will provide a custom tailored approach to helping position your products appropriately. Our team will develop a step by step

plan that provides a digital strategy including website and SEO analysis and recommendations, analytical KPIs, and metrics.  

Executive Dashboard Reporting

Executive Dashboard reporting is an easy-to-read analysis of your company's health. The document we create will:


  • Give you complete, real-time visibility into your organization

  • Allow you to make more intelligent business decisions

  • Save you and your employees significant time by eliminating their need to search for data and create reports

  • Help you manage your business more effectively

  • Through identification of the key processes and metrics that determine your business results, empowers you to dramatically increase your sales and profits


With an executive dashboard, you can make sense of massive amounts of data and make fact-based decisions in real time. 

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