In this episode, Bryan Fields (Twitter: @bryanfields24) and Kellan Finney (Twitter: @Kellan_Finney) sit down with Johanna Nuding (Twitter: @jonuding), Host of the Casually Baked Podcast:

Her journey to becoming a cannabis lifestyle guide // Understanding dosage levels and balancing infused products // The average length of a high when using infused products // Cannabis tourism and how it works // The similarities between the cannabis and wine industry // Why a personalized experience is important for learning about cannabis

Johanna Nuding is an entrepreneur, cannabis expert, and educator based in Oakland, CA. She has twenty years of experience building brands and customer engagement in professional sports, media, real estate, concert and lifestyle tours. She’s served the cannabis industry and community for five years through her edutainment platform, Casually Baked, where she showcases the evolving landscape, research, and science of contemporary cannabis. Her weekly “potcast” is in its fifth year and highlights the responsible side of plant medicine through candid chats with cannabis scientists and researchers worldwide, heritage and regenerative farmers, military veterans, makers, wellness practitioners, and cannabis industry leaders building the nascent legal cannabis

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Casually Baked, the Potcast: @casuallybaked on FB IG, Twitter. Casually Baked YouTube Channel

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